Dexter V. Soroño, ECE

PGS Realty Thailand and Singapore Correspondent


Our correspondent made his decision to be one of our market links internationally. Despite of his hectic schedule, he was and he will be able to manage in advertising and promoting PGS realty’s property for sale and for rent. Because of his dedication and support to his wife’s passion in real estate, he will take part the other portion through his own ways and means in expanding and bringing PGS realty in the midst of the market horizon. With his skills and knowledge acquired through experience and theory that surely brought PGS into the limelight of success.

"Of all the function that was vested on me, this is the most challenging one, not just because of aiming high on it but also because of my boss who is my wife. I knew for the fact that this she alone can put it on top but we more aim putting PGS into a known realty true is assistance beyond client expectation. But as they say’s two heads are better than one. So, I’m into it. For PGS future and for both of us as well"


La Salle Ville, Bangkok Thailand


Office Address:

J.A Gallardo’s Block, Goldenville Subdivision Banawa Cebu City


+66-945538726 (international)
0917 915 8793 (Globe)
032 260 4956 (Landline) / (email) (fb account)

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Sales Motto:

“Setting goal is the first step in turning the invisible to visible.-Tony Robbins”