Noel P. Daculan, CE-MP

P.G.S. REAL ESTATE Sales Person


A Graduate from the University of San Jose-Recoletos, with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, proprietor of N and A Construction and former Quality Control Engineer of Habtoor Leighton Group and Project Engineer at Primary Structures Corporation, and now ventures to Real Estate at PGS Realty as Fulltime Sales Person.

“Indulging on a dual career opportunity is sometimes difficult to handle especially when your time is already set for the other schedule. But as they say, it’s just a matter of time management and that’s what I am. PGS Realty gives me the opportunity to be clever especially in client handling. It boosts self-esteem than the usual thing I’ve practiced. I’ve meet other prominent individuals than the usual. And lastly, it provides me more income than any other. And if my time will comprise on the same schedule, then I say I can handle it.”


La Familia Village, Tugas, Pardo, Cebu City

Office Address:

J.A Gallardo’s Block, Goldenville Subdivision Banawa Cebu City


0943 825 6978 (Sun)
032 416 2144 (Landline) (email) (fb account)

Sales Motto:

“There is time for everything.”